Seeking “the mythopoetic interface of society, ecology, and language”. This page helps me measure my practice. Join me, if you’d like. I’m saving money to buy a farmstead, learn to live like an actual human being, and start an artist cooperative.

Sayings, from the masters:

“It’s only a temporary turbulence I am setting myself against. I am in line with the big flow.” Gary Snyder

“If it were not for the Poetic or Prophetic character the Philosophic & Experimental would soon be at the ratio of all things, & stand still unable to do other than repeat the same dull round over again” Blake

“When you find the place where you are, practice occurs.” Dogen

Nourishment, selected media, March 22

Classical Chinese Poetry, An Anthology — trans. David Hinton

Ethics - Spinoza

Qiu Ying

Time Skiffs — Animal Collective

These songs in this order

dream cult press, especially

Sanctions and Sovereignty - Sergey Glazyev

Note: I will gladly send anyone any texts listed here.

Another note: ignore what I posted previously about not wanting to post drafts.. these are all drafts.